Forex Trading Signals

Take the EUR/USD or JPY/USD.

If we tell you when to Buy, and when to Sell, can you trade with it and make a profit?

If Yes, you can gain from our Forex Trading Signals.


Please see these charts.


Examples of our Forex Trading Signals.


How much Profit can you make with 200 pips?

200 pips is our minimum Performance Guarantee per month.  Nobody gives such a guarantee – you can search on Google and come back here. We believe its important to give such a guarantee to tell people that we are not interested in taking your money unless you make profits.

How much Profit can you make with 500 pips?

Yes, we have made 500 pips and more in some months. If the Buy / Sell signal is strong and continues to remain intact, then we can let the trade run with trailing stop loss.

How many trades per month?

5-6 trades per month is common. It could be more or less. In fact less trades means good thing because it usually happens in a trending market, where we have to do nothing but just hold on to our trading position, and profits grow day after day.

What is the recommended leverage?

20-50X is our recommended leverage. Forex brokers advertise fancy leverages like 500, 800 and 1000X leverage, which is the surest way to burn your margin capital. Think long term and trade slowly and steadily. Keep leverage low. Be slow when everybody wants to be fast and faster.

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